kopf Basic Words and Sentences

Borrowed Words
Korean English
바나나 banana
커피 coffee
버스 bus
주스 juice
카드 card
파티 party
콜라 coke/cola
쇼핑 shopping
볼펜 ballpen

Caesar's Verbs
Korean English
I/you/we/they, he/she/it
와요 come/comes
봐요 see/sees
정복해요 conquer/conquers
가요 go/goes
해요 do/does
먹어요 eat/eats
마셔요 drink/drinks

Eat Banana
Korean English
I/you/we/they, he/she/it
바나나 먹어요. eat/eats a banana.
커피 마셔요. drink/drinks a coffee.
버스 와요. The bus comes
주스 마셔요. drink/drinks juice
카드 봐요. see/sees a card
파티 해요. have/has a party
콜라 마셔요. drink/drinks coke
컵 봐요. see/sees a cup
쇼핑 해요. go shopping
볼펜 봐요 see/sees a ball pen

Head Shoulder Knees
Korean English
머리 head
어깨 shoulder
무릎 knee

Korean English
월요일 Monday
화요일 Tuesday
수요일 Wednesday
목요일 Thursday
금요일 Friday
토요일 Saturday
일요일 Sunday

고객 customer
회사원 office worker
연구원 researcher, research institute
대학생 student
동료 colleague
친구 friend

Korean English
회사 company
연구소 research institute, laboratory
연구실 research institute, laboratory
대학교 university
home, house

Green Tea
Korean English
녹차 green tea
cooked rice

The Netherlands
Korean English
네덜란드 the Netherlands
한국 Korea
네덜란드어 Dutsch language
한국어 Korean language

Visit (Noun)
방문 visit
근무 work
연구 research
출근 going to work
공부 study
출장 business trip

I/you/we/they, he/she/it
방문을 해요 visit/visits
근무를 해요 work/works
일을 해요 work/works
연구를 해요 research
출근을 해요 go/goes to work
공부를 해요 study/studies
출장을 가요 go/goes on a business trip
시험을 봐요 take/takes a test
녹차를 마셔요 drink/drinks green tea
밥을 먹어요 eat/eats rice

2.Visit (Verb)
I/you/we/they, he/she/it
방문해요 visit/visits
근무해요 work/works
일해요 work/works
연구해요 research
출근해요 going to work
공부해요 study/studies
출장 가요 go/goes on a business trip
시험 봐요 take/takes a test
녹차 마셔요 drink/drinks green tea
밥 먹어요 eat/eats rice

at, on, in, to
(time-, location, directionsuffix)
at, on, in, to
에서 (locationsuffix) from, in

Present Tense, Past Tense
Korean English

Informal Polite Form

와요, 왔어요 come, came
봐요, 봤어요 see, saw
해요, 했어요 do, did
가요, 갔어요 go, went
먹어요, 먹었어요 eat, ate
마셔요, 마셨어요 drink, drank
이에요, 이었어요 am/are, was/were
예요, 였어요 am/are, was/were
있어요, 있었어요 exist, existed
There is, There was
have, had
없어요, 없었어요 don‘t exist, didn‘t exist
There is no, There was no
have no, had no

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